Monday, August 04, 2008

Search for Malaysia Property by Price

Malaysia Most Wanted Property & Real Estates supports Advance Search using various criteria such as project name, price, property type, land tenure, developer and location.

How to search by Price?

Price had a very flexible syntax. For example
  • 200K (or 200000), to search for property in the around the price of RM 200,000 (somewhere between RM 150-250K).
  • 100-200K (or 100 to 200 K), the price range of RM 100,000 – 200,000.
  • >200K (or more than 200K), to search for any properties priced from RM 200,000 and above.
  • <200k (or less than 200K), for any properties priced below RM 200,000.

Simple Search Syntax

The Price criteria could be used as part of the simple search syntax, just type in “price: 200K”. You could add in additional keywords as well, such as “Puchong price:200K”.

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