Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 is the Beginning; not the End

May 2012 be a great year, with a fresh start and new hope for all of us.

Stop giving excuses, step up the action and make a better tomorrow for ourselves, and everyone.

May all of us have a prosperous and fruitful 2012 :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas
keep sharing the love for food in 2012 :)

stay hungry, stay foodie

check out some Christmas Promotions

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Press Release: Malaysia Most Wanted joint ventures with Worthy Media

16 Dec 2011, Malaysia – Worthy Media, publisher of Worthy Book (, has formed a joint venture with which will see the pair offering a complete online and offline advertisement and promotion (A&P) offering to F&B brands in Klang Valley.

Worthy Book is a discount voucher booklet with over 100 top Malaysian brands, with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Sushi Zanmai, Krispy Kreme, Manhattan Fish Market etc in its 2010/2011 edition and will soon be releasing their 2012 Food & Beverage (F&B) edition in all major bookstores by first quarter of following year. Food enthusiasts can expect more attractive food vouchers (including free samplers) in the book, valid for the whole year long. attracts approximately 300,000 unique visitors per month and owns the number one online food & restaurant guide in Malaysia (, helping people find great places to dine based on reviews and recommendations of a vibrant and active community of locals in the know.

"This partnership represents an optimal convergence of traditional and new media platforms and underlines our commitment to promoting the best F&B brands of Klang Valley, a region that we regard as a food haven and by joining forces with Malaysia’s top food portal,, we take this to a whole new level, benefiting our clients as well as Malaysian consumers at large with greater impact," said Ken, co-founder of Worthy Book.

Desmond Lua, founder of, shared “I am delighted to have found passionate food-lovers like myself in the Worthy Book team and I believe this partnership will fully complement and enhance our mutual offerings.  We look forward to continuously providing value-added, useful and relevant content to our readers.  ”

Interested F&B advertisers are welcome to contact the Worthy Media team at or 03-2264-3115.


12月16日讯,雪隆区 – 消费指南兼优惠礼卷手册Worthy Book (出版商 – 我的媒体有限公司(Worthy Media)今日与MalaysiaMostWanted.com成立了一個合营企业,并将提供雪隆区一带餐饮业务完整在线与离线的广告与宣传(A&P)产品服务。

Worthy Book是个拥有超过一百家马来西亚顶尖品牌参与的优惠手册,在其2010/2011版本里包括了Tony Roma’s, Sakae Sushi,旺角茶餐厅,紫藤,Krispy Kreme, Manhattan Fish Market等其他品牌。公司即将在2012新春第一季在各大书店商推出最新的Worthy Book – Food & Beverage (F&B) 餐饮特版。美食爱好者可以期望在书中得到物有所值的餐饮食券(包括免费试餐券),有效期为全年长。MalaysiaMostWanted.com每月迎来近于300,000游客浏览,拥有马来西亚第一餐饮指南网站,,专提供针对餐饮业的便利资料以及道地一带社区对餐饮所的评论。

“这次的合作意识着一个最理想的传统与现代媒体平台的结合,同时在有‘美食天堂’之称的雪隆区彰显出我们对促进餐饮业优良品牌的宣传热诚。” Worthy Book的共同创立者,Ken说道。“透过与马来西亚第一餐饮指南网站MalaysiaMostWanted.com的合作,更借此介入一个全新境界,让我们的客户以及马来西亚的消费者,得到最大的受益。

MalaysiaMostWanted.com的创立人,Desmond Lua也分享道,“我很高兴能在Worthy Book团员中找到美食爱好者的知己。此外,我也相信这次的合作能同时补助与加强彼此共有的产品服务。我们向往陆续提供有价值并且有用的相关内容予我们的读者。”

有兴趣刊登广告宣传的餐饮业者,可发电邮到,或拨打 :03-2264-3115,联系Worthy Media成员。


16 Dis 2011, Lembah Klang – Worthy Media, penerbit buku baucer lumayan “Worthy Book” (, telah menyertai usahasama dengan dimana pemasangan tersebut sekarang menawarkan peluang pengiklanan dan promosi (A & P) yang lebih meluas  kepada industri hidangan selera di Lembah Klang, biarpun online mahupun secara percetakan dan jerayawara.

Worthy Book adalah sebuah buku baucer tawaran dan diskaun yang memaparkan lebih daripada 100 jenama terkemuka di Malaysia, termasuk Kenny Rogers, Sushi Zanmai, Tony Roma, Krispy Kreme, Manhattan Fish Market dan lain-lain dalam edisi 2010/2011-nya. Edisi seterusnya merupai edisi khas jamuan selera yang akan dijual di semua kedai-kedai buku utama menjelang suku pertama tahun depan. Peminat makanan boleh menikmati baucer makanan dan minuman yang lebih menarik (termasuk hidangan percuma secara percubaan) dengan tempoh sah penggunaan baucer sepanjang setahun. menarik kira-kira 300,000 pelawat unik sebulan kepada laman web halaman-nya, menjadikan sebagai panduan makanan & restoran online yang nombor satu di Malaysia. Ia membantu pengguna mencari kedai makan yang menarik untuk menjamu selera berdasarkan ulasan dan syor-syor daripada pengunjung mahupun penggemar makanan yang terdiri daripada komuniti penduduk sekitar.

"Usahasama ini merupakan satu kombinasi yang optimum dengan gabungan saluran media konvensional dan Internet, dan ia menyatakan komitmen kami untuk memaparkan jenama hidangan selera yang terbaik di Lembah Klang secara meluas,” kata Ken Kho, salah satu pengusaha Worthy Book. “Seiring penghubungan portal makanan termasyur di Malaysia, kita menuju tahap yang baru dengan harapan ia akan memberi lebih manfaat kepada klien kami dan juga pengalaman yang lebih berkesan kepada pelanggan Malaysia".

Desmond Lua, pengasas, berkongsi pendapat "Saya berbesar hati menjumpai peminat makanan seperti saya dalam kumpulan Worthy Book dan saya percaya usahasama ini serasi dengan matlamat dan hasrat kami selama ini untuk memberi tawaran yang lebih menarik dan lengkap. Dengan penuh ghairah dan semangat, kami akan senantiasa menyediakan kandungan yang lebih bernilai, berguna dan tepat kepada pembaca kami."

Pengusaha premis hidangan selera yang berminat untuk mengiklan dialu-alukan menghubungi pihak Worthy Media di atau 03-2264-3115.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Restaurant Christmas & New Year Promotions

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and still looking for the perfect place for family dinner or spending a romantic dinner with your soul-mate? Fear not, check out Malaysia Most Wanted Promotions for some Christmas Turkey, Fine Dining, Family Reunion, and New Year Party offers.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Restaurant Owner Guide: Cheap, Attractive, or Great (平靚正)

Among all the restaurants out there selling almost the same thing, how could one really standout and become the favourite among the food lovers? How do I start a great restaurant? 

I have a hypothesis based a Cantonese expression: 平靚正which literally means Cheap, Attractive, and Great. To be one of the restaurants with good business, the restaurant should be exceptional at one of the following:

Background Image from: My Story~
  • Cheap (平): You are offering the customer a bang for their bucks (cheaper than equivalent product in the market), where they know this is value for money (or even a real steal) without sacrificing on the quality or portion (if you do that, the customer will felt cheated). For example, the famous Tak Fok is offering crab for RM 18 per KG all year round, and the crab taste as good or even better than others; New Paris is known for delicious and affordable dishes, and their service is super-fast as well. Alternatively, you could experiment with Cheap by offering discounts during off-peak hours.
  • Attractive (靚): Attractive here refer to the place rather than the food, where the environment or ambience of the restaurant must be special (different from conventional restaurants), where it feels very new-age, artistic, romantic, homey, grand or based on a special theme such as nature or anime. For example, Fullhouse focus on modern lifestyle; while café café are known to be classy or romantic. If your kopitiam looks like a OldTown clone, you don’t have the brand nor is your food cheaper; why not turn your kopitiam into something special, perhaps something which cater for a specific group of customer.
  • Great (正): The food must be great. If being Attractive (靚) is like an Idol (like most boy or girl band who looks really good), the Great (正) is those who really can sing really well like Jacky Cheung or Celine Dion. The food must be so delicious that when people mentioned the specific dish, they could think of your restaurant immediately; perhaps not everyone can claim to the best Fried Kuey Teow in town, but your food must be known as delicious or high quality (a notch above your competitor, definitely not mediocre). Must be Good (better if Great), cannot be “so so” or “okay la”. For example, Pasta Zanmai and Dave’s are known to serve good food; and Nadeje Patisserie are known the serve the best Mille Crepe is Melaka, and probably the whole Malaysia as well. 
A restaurant should be really good at ONE of it: Cheap (平), Attractive (靚) or Great (正). Though there are other elements such as good service, fast serving, cleanliness, locations, and others; but the 3 main elements of Cheap, Attractive, and Great (平靚正) should serve as the main guide. If you can nail one of it, there is no harm in polishing other elements to make it better.

Good luck to all the restaurant owners (and would be restaurant owners) out there, as we could like to enjoy more Cheap (平), Attractive (靚) or Great (正) :) so keep them coming.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Winner of MalaysiaMW T-Shirt Slogan Contest

After a month hungry slogan war, with dozens of meals consumed and creativity juice flowing, the perfect showcase of our tham-jiak food culture, the winners of MalaysiaMW T-Shirt Slogan Contest had finally emerged!

"Life is a journey, Food is the fuel", Silver Fox says proudly.

Allysha Tong shouts, "Yes, I Admit. I'm a Food Addict"

"I am a true Malaysia foodie - watch me eat, hear me slurp, excuse me when I burp!", Siti Shahanim Hashim sings happily.

And the famous Petronella Johnny announce, "I Heart BakKutTeh", receiving thunderous claps from the crowd.


We painted the front door :)

the new flowery goodies

now this looks like Vintage