Thursday, January 31, 2008

Convergence of Malaysia Food & Property

In conjunction with our vision to gather the most wanted information about Malaysia, it’s time for us to integrate Food and Property at Malaysia Most Wanted Main Page.

First time user can choose to search for Food (Restaurant) or Property (Real Estate) related result from the Main Page, where it shall be redirected to the relevant service page.

A similar top banner is available at every service page to allow navigation between different services provided by Malaysia Most Wanted.

We shall upgrade Property (by end of February) to the similar platform as Food to encourage community participation, where user could put in comment, write reviews, rate their favourite properties, find their property using Google Maps and etc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Malaysia Food needs your feedback

We can do all the things to find good food in Malaysia, only if we know how.

We have been working very hard to come up with various ways to find good food in a easy and accurate manner, and we we want to do it better.

We need you (Yes, you) to tell us what more we could do to please you. We need recommendation and criticism :) Please feel free to start posting your feedback by leaving a comment, or email to info [at] malaysiamostwanted (dot) com.

We need to know what we had done right, or done wrong.

We need YOU!

Malaysia Food: The Most Wanted Version 2

The quest to find the best food in Malaysia continues.

Besides showing the most viewed food eateries by the month and year, now we will show you

Most Rated (based our rating for food lovers)

Most Active (based on participation from food lovers, such as leaving comments and reviews, or contributing links and images)

Most Popular (a combo based on page view, rating and user activity)

If you don’t like the result, you have the power to do something about it.

We give all the Top 50 pages a face lift as well :)

Full List of Malaysia Food? Almost …

Besides offering the ability to search for food by Location or Cuisine, how about to search by food type or name? For example, show me all the Nasi Lemak or Steamboat :)

As of today, we have about 777 food keywords listed. Some include a broader category of food, such as Chicken, Beancurd (Tofu) or Salmon; while some are more specific such as Chicken Chop, Chee Cheong Fun or Pizza.

To ease your navigation (in search of true love with food), we provide easy food linking (in addition to the existing location and cuisine linking) to all your favorites food at each Food Venue page.

We hope that you can find your craving :)

Introduction of Malaysia Food for Foreign Traveler

I think MMW Food is meant for 2 main group of people, the locals looking for good food, and of course the foreign tourist looking for something local, something truly Malaysian.

We provide a Top 50 ranking of Malaysian Food, based on how often they are offered by local eateries. Taking the top position is our everyday staple food such as Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice. Nevertheless, how could we forget local delicacies such as Bak Kut Teh, Laksa, Roti Canai, Fried Kuey Teow and Teh Tarik.

Thanks to Wikipedia, we are able to offer a short description of the Malaysian Food. Though not all of them originated from Malaysia, but it is definitely popular among Malaysian.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Malaysia Most Wanted: Home-base Data Entry Job

Malaysia Most Wanted FOOD would like to recruit you as home based data entry personnel, so that you could make some pocket money while working in your pajamas from home :)

Basic Requirement
  • Basic Computer and Internet Skill (No Programming or Technical Skill required)
  • Decent English Reading and Writing Skill
  • Knowledgeable in Malaysia Address and Food
  • A Responsible Person
  • And of course, have a computer with Internet access at home (Broadband recommended)
Job Scope
  • Read an article about food (Articles shall be assigned to you)
  • Extract basic Information such as Venue name, Location, Food offered, etc.
  • Extract food Images and named them
  • Detailed guidelines shall be provided upon shortlisting
  • Each Data Entry should take between 5-15 minutes (practice make perfect)
  • You get paid in the block of 20 entries (RM 2 per entry, RM 40 for 20 entries) if you have a Maybank Account (direct fund transfer into you account)
  • You get paid in the block of 40 entries (RM 80) if you do not have a Maybank Account (cash or GIRO)
  • If you manage to complete 50 entries within a week, you get paid a RM 10 bonus.
  • You can work from anytime and anywhere (as long as you have a Computer and Broadband)
Interesed Candidates do email your resume or profile to info [at] malaysiamostwanted [dot] com

* Priority shall be given to Students, Housewives and the Less Privileged.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Advance (and Helpful) search for Malaysia Food

I always found the Search feature is very important, in order for us to find the exact food that we are looking for. Initially we started with Google-styled of simple search (with only one textbox, where you can type all your search criteria in here). Perhaps this could be quite troublesome for non-techie which needed more help and guidance, thus we created the Advance (and Helpful) search.

Simple Search

Basically, there are 3 fields
  • Search for, where you can type in any keyword you would like to search for
  • Cuisine, like Chinese, Vietnamese, Halal, Vegetarian, Seafood, etc
  • Location, for the state, area, street or building

You don’t have to fill in all 3 criteria, just one of them will do. You could key in more criteria when you want to narrow down / filter the results.

Advance (and Helpful) Search

As you would have noticed, there is a list of recommended words shown up as you start typing in the textbox of Cuisine and Location. It gives some recommendation of words so that you could easily know what kind of options is available. The recommendation list will get shorter as you type more, narrowing the list of available options. Just click on the recommended word and it shall be filled into the textbox automatically.

Recommended word list for Advance Search

Notice that we put the double quote around the selected word, such as “Jalan Gasing”. This is to ensure the exact word “Jalan Gasing” is searched for. Without the double quote, it shall look for the word “Jalan” OR “Gasing”, and the word “Jalan” could caused a lot of irrelevant result to be returned. You could learn more about Simple Searching, or try the Location and Cuisine searching.

Remember Double Quote (") for exact word match

Now, you have the option to use Simple or Advance (and Helpful) Search to fulfilled your need for good food around Malaysia. Happy Searching!

Malaysia Food Map: Minor Enhancement

We made two minor tweaking on our existing Malaysia Most Wanted Food - Google Map feature which enable:

i) By default show by Map only (used to be Hybrid – Map + Satellite images). Why? Because it loads faster and the map is clearer.

ii) Additional tab named “Google Map”, which allow to view this location on Google Maps Official Page. Why? So that you could use the Google Map Search to find other addresses, or merge with your other personal maps stored under My Maps tab (in Google Maps).

With this feature, it helps you to easily find the place, and also to spot other valuable food resources (click on the fork and spoon icon) in its surrounding areas.

Convenience of Cuisine and Location Linking

Whenever you are looking at a food venue, let’s say Ninja Jones at Mid Valley, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find other similar Japanese cuisine, or check out other restaurant at the same area?

That is exactly what we are offering, Cuisine and Location linking. Look carefully at the maroon red information box at the top section, zoom to Cuisine and Location. You could find that the words are actually a red link (which is clickable) and could show you more Japanese cuisines, or find other food venues in Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley City or Northpoint Mid Valley.

Cusine Linking

Location Linking

List all food venues by Japanese cuisine

Isn’t that cool and useful? Anyway, you could Search for Malaysia Food by Location and Cusine.

Vote for Best Malaysia Food and Restaurant

The community is very important to help to rank which food venue is actually better, so that others can actually find and visit them as well. Out of the so many Chicken Rice outlets in Malaysia, we need to know which one is better (though I could tell you which one is more popular and most viewed).

If you are lazy or want to remain anonymous, you could rate the venue by clicking on the Stars at the top of the page. We offer a 0.5 star to 5 stars rating system. Just put your mouse over the star to indicate your rating, the click on it to rate. Generally, 3 stars means average; 5 stars means highly recommended; 1 star means don’t eat there.

You could vote through the review and comment system as well. Just click on the Review button and type in a review with the ratings (mandatory, must rate). The same goes with comment, except that rating is optional. I personally feel that voting through Review/Comment is actually better, where you could tell why the food sucks or why is it damn good :)

Hopefully this would help us to find the Real best food and hidden gems in town, rather than just the popular ones. Let’s start VOTING!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 from MMW Food

I had been more than a year since Malaysia Most Wanted FOOD was launched, and now we have more than 600++ places to find delicious food around Malaysia, and hopefully in a better and more efficient way.

Special Thanks to all the Malaysia Foodies
and many more. Without all of you, we shall be lost and deprived of our rights to good food.

May 2008 be a more fruitful year for our tummy :)