Friday, January 04, 2008

Advance (and Helpful) search for Malaysia Food

I always found the Search feature is very important, in order for us to find the exact food that we are looking for. Initially we started with Google-styled of simple search (with only one textbox, where you can type all your search criteria in here). Perhaps this could be quite troublesome for non-techie which needed more help and guidance, thus we created the Advance (and Helpful) search.

Simple Search

Basically, there are 3 fields
  • Search for, where you can type in any keyword you would like to search for
  • Cuisine, like Chinese, Vietnamese, Halal, Vegetarian, Seafood, etc
  • Location, for the state, area, street or building

You don’t have to fill in all 3 criteria, just one of them will do. You could key in more criteria when you want to narrow down / filter the results.

Advance (and Helpful) Search

As you would have noticed, there is a list of recommended words shown up as you start typing in the textbox of Cuisine and Location. It gives some recommendation of words so that you could easily know what kind of options is available. The recommendation list will get shorter as you type more, narrowing the list of available options. Just click on the recommended word and it shall be filled into the textbox automatically.

Recommended word list for Advance Search

Notice that we put the double quote around the selected word, such as “Jalan Gasing”. This is to ensure the exact word “Jalan Gasing” is searched for. Without the double quote, it shall look for the word “Jalan” OR “Gasing”, and the word “Jalan” could caused a lot of irrelevant result to be returned. You could learn more about Simple Searching, or try the Location and Cuisine searching.

Remember Double Quote (") for exact word match

Now, you have the option to use Simple or Advance (and Helpful) Search to fulfilled your need for good food around Malaysia. Happy Searching!

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