Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to search for Malaysia Food, accurately?

We have put in quite a few efforts to make the search engine for Malaysia Most Wanted Food to return more relevant result.

First of all we have the basic search, where you could search by the keyword Chicken Rice. Chicken Rice would return result which contains the word Chicken OR Rice, which mean things about Lemon Chicken, Fried Chicken, Yam Rice, Duck Rice shall be returned as well. So, we should put a double quote(“”) around the word “Chicken Rice” to ensure the search result match the whole word, not just Chicken OR Rice. This shall narrow down your search result and hopefully it will return something more relevant to what you have in mind.

You could narrow down your search further by searching specifically the cuisine or location. For example, location:puchong shall return all the food venues in Puchong, or cuisine:thai to find some thai food. You could search for multiple cuisine or location at the sametime, for example cuisine:japanese indian.

Now that you know how to search by location and cuisine, you could then search by keyword + location + cuisine. For example, fine dining location:bangsar cusine:french. Remember that you could still use the double quote (“”) to force exact word match and to narrow down the search result.

From the search result, you could perform a sorting on the name, location, state, cuisine, special, vote and POP by clicking on the little green round button (with 2 little triangle facing up and down) on the header. Click once to sort by ascending order (A-Z), and click again to sort by descending order (Z-A). You could sort by Vote or POP (Popularity Index of the food).

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malaysia Most Wanted Food Elevator Pitch

I notice I haven’t quite setup the identity of MMW Food, or rather to answer the question “What is Malaysia Most Wanted Food?” under 60 seconds (Elevator Pitch). This version is targeted to the users rather than the venture capitalist.

What is MMW Food?
It helps you to find delicious food recommended by food lovers around the country.

What pain does it solve?

Need a new place to have lunch or can’t find the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner? We help you find the perfect place to eat based on your preferred cuisine and location, listening to independent and critical recommendations by thousands of food lovers from all walks of life.

What is the benefit?
  • The recommendations are neutral (people will criticized if the food is really bad, and they are not paid to do advertisement) and everyone is allowed to do a review and contribute information.
  • It allows easy searching by keyword, location, cuisine, etc.
  • It shows you what is the most popular food in town; and it helps you to get there with maps and directions.

Malaysia Food: The Most Wanted Version

Problem to Solve: To identify which is actually the most wanted food in Malaysia, or at least the most popular, or most visited, or most bloged about. Basically, Show me the yummy food!

It’s not an easy task, and neither do we have the perfect answer, but we should have a pretty good idea (at least we try our best). First came the Malaysia Most Viewed Food Venues (click on "TOP 50" tab on the main page), which a pretty simple methods utilizing Google Analytics to track which is the most viewed food venues on a month by month basic, or year by year, or the all time favourite. Like the title implied, you get to know what other people are viewing (and perhaps eating as well).

Then we have the Malaysia Most Wanted Food Venues, which we use a special (and secret) algorithm/formula to calculate a magic number for a specific food venue based on the number of user contributed content, voting and page view. Based on this magic number, we are able to compare one food venue against the other; and give you a good idea on whether one food venue is more popular than the other.

We use a bar chart in the search result to show you how popular is this food venue (full bar mean it can't get any better, haha).

And we display the magic number to indicate its popularity.

Of course, we can only perform Malaysia food popularity analysis on food venues recommended by users, or archived by MMW. I know it's unfair to some-extremely-delicious-food-venue-but-not-acrhived-by-mmw-yet, so we would try harder to find and archive more food venues (of course, you could help too).

PS: I wonder is there a better word to replace food venue to replace the combination reference to “restaurant, cafĂ©, food stall, mamak, pasar malam, food court, etc”.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Google Map on Malaysia Food

One of the problem of good food is finding them (literally), especially when you are unfamiliar with neighborhood. On top of the usual address and directions, Malaysia Most Wanted Food is now integrated with Google Maps, which provide the actual road and highway name of Malaysia (and statelite images as well). Not all food venues have google map support at this moment, but we are working on getting as much coordinates as possible (or perhaps you could contribute some).

For example, you get the usual Map, Statelite or Hybrid (a cool combination of actual road Map and Statelite images).

Not only that, you get to view the map in full screen in order to get a better view, or export the map to Google Earth as your bookmark while tapping into the Google Map Community contributions. In fact, you can export food venues within 3km radius of your current selected venues.

Feel free to recommend us your favorite food spot, and give us your comment and feedback :)