Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malaysia Most Wanted Food Elevator Pitch

I notice I haven’t quite setup the identity of MMW Food, or rather to answer the question “What is Malaysia Most Wanted Food?” under 60 seconds (Elevator Pitch). This version is targeted to the users rather than the venture capitalist.

What is MMW Food?
It helps you to find delicious food recommended by food lovers around the country.

What pain does it solve?

Need a new place to have lunch or can’t find the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner? We help you find the perfect place to eat based on your preferred cuisine and location, listening to independent and critical recommendations by thousands of food lovers from all walks of life.

What is the benefit?
  • The recommendations are neutral (people will criticized if the food is really bad, and they are not paid to do advertisement) and everyone is allowed to do a review and contribute information.
  • It allows easy searching by keyword, location, cuisine, etc.
  • It shows you what is the most popular food in town; and it helps you to get there with maps and directions.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a haven for food. All foreign friends told me so.