Monday, October 31, 2011

Make The Pitch Ep 2: Photo Kiddos, Malaysia Most Wanted and Worthy Book

Aizuddin from Photo Kiddos, a talented children photographer who wanted to setup a photography studio.

Desmond (me) from Malaysia Most Wanted Food venturing into Malaysia Travel; to easily find hidden gems  of good travel places within Malaysia.

Jia from Worthy Book, bringing discount coupons to mobile devices; and probably a very good salesperson who persevere well.

Guess who won?

After viewing the full video, I do have to admit my pitching skill sucks. I could argue that some judges misunderstood my idea, or the judgement of market saturation is unfounded, or it's like selling a bat to a golfer (view my post-mortem). But still, I fail to deliver a solid pitch, and I sure didn't look convincing nor confident; but that doesn't mean the product sucks, or we are not moving in the wrong direction. I believe we are in the right market, doing things we are passionate about, solving a good problem; we have a solid team, a decent product and good traction (IMHO, haha), though we could always do better.

I guess I am more a executioner that a seller; then again, if I wanted to ask someone to give me some money, I better come up with a more convincing pitch. A lesson well learned.

Until the next time, we shall continue to do what we do best: to build better product for you, be it food, travel, property prices or price checker.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MalaysiaMW Food Tagline/Slogan Contest for T-shirt

After launching Malaysia Most Wanted FOOD almost 5 years ago (December 2006, time flies), we decide to print some really cool and comfy T-shirts as a thank you gesture for all the food bloggers who had made MalaysiaMW Food what it is today. Without you, there shall not be a MalaysiaMW Food.

What does a really cool T-shirt need? It needs a really cool and catchy tagline/slogan/phrase. Rather than making that up by ourselves, we thought it would be in the spirit of MalaysiaMW that we let the foodies decide what they would like to show-off on their T-shirt.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Suggest a cool and catchy tagline/slogan/phrase (no graphic skill required, just a creative slogan) related to Malaysia, Foodie, Food, Restaurant, Guide, Blogger, Malaysia Most Wanted, Yum Yum, Awesomeness, etc. Make it fun, make it awesome, break the rules (e.g. My avatar can beat up your avatar)!
    • Post your comment on our Facebook wall. There is no requirement on word use.
    • Optional: You can suggest how the design should look like to match your tagline, or even submit a design if you wish.
  • The Slogan Winner (chosen by MalaysiaMW, decision is final) with the most awesome catchy tagline/slogan/phrase will walk away with RM 100 in cash.
  • The tagline/slogan/phrase with the most Facebook likes (Facebook Winner) will get RM 50 in cash.
  • Winners will be given a T-Shirt as well.
  • Requirement: You must reside in Malaysia OR have a bank account in Malaysia.

The contest starts on 18 October 2011 (Tuesday), 1PM and ends on 19 Nov 2011, 7PM (my novice Feng Shui date picking skill says these are the ONG dates). The winners will be announced within 7 days after the closing date (we shall contact you on Facebook); and we will transfer the cash prize (YES, you need a bank account) within 7 days. You will get the T-shirt once we printed it, which might take a while.

The Slogan Winner will get RM 100. If he/she happens to be the Facebook Winner as well, then the total prize money is RM 100 + RM 50 = RM 150. Slogan Winner and Facebook Likes Winner could be 2 separate people. If it sounds confusing, just join anyway; you will get something if you win :).

If you have any questions or doubt, leave a comment.

Start sending us the cool and catchy tagline/slogan/phrase for the MalaysiaMW Foodie T-shirt.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming Soon: MalaysiaMW Food 2.0

A better food hunting experience, 
by the Malaysian Foodies, for the Malaysian Foodies.

- sorry for the long wait, soon .. very soon ...