Monday, October 31, 2011

Make The Pitch Ep 2: Photo Kiddos, Malaysia Most Wanted and Worthy Book

Aizuddin from Photo Kiddos, a talented children photographer who wanted to setup a photography studio.

Desmond (me) from Malaysia Most Wanted Food venturing into Malaysia Travel; to easily find hidden gems  of good travel places within Malaysia.

Jia from Worthy Book, bringing discount coupons to mobile devices; and probably a very good salesperson who persevere well.

Guess who won?

After viewing the full video, I do have to admit my pitching skill sucks. I could argue that some judges misunderstood my idea, or the judgement of market saturation is unfounded, or it's like selling a bat to a golfer (view my post-mortem). But still, I fail to deliver a solid pitch, and I sure didn't look convincing nor confident; but that doesn't mean the product sucks, or we are not moving in the wrong direction. I believe we are in the right market, doing things we are passionate about, solving a good problem; we have a solid team, a decent product and good traction (IMHO, haha), though we could always do better.

I guess I am more a executioner that a seller; then again, if I wanted to ask someone to give me some money, I better come up with a more convincing pitch. A lesson well learned.

Until the next time, we shall continue to do what we do best: to build better product for you, be it food, travel, property prices or price checker.


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