Monday, August 18, 2008

Merdeka Eve Party 2008

The almost complete list of places to go on Merdeka Eve, if you like the big crowd, parking problems, perhaps some fireworks, lots of intoxication and stay up until early morning :)
Be sure to check out Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 @ Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Precicnt 5, Putrajaya. The Star Newspaper reported that Merdeka Eve celebration would take place at Dataran Merdeka, KLCC and Bukit Bintang. I am sure all the clubs and pubs would put an extra effort to beef up the celebrations and increase the city's intoxication level over the long weekend.

Check out for more Merdeka Eve Events.

Latest Updates

Monday, August 04, 2008

Malaysia Most Wanted Event BETA launch!

Ever feel bored over the weekend and can’t figure what to do besides yum cha and watching movie? You are in luck, as Malaysia Most Wanted Event let you know of the happening events around Malaysia all year round, and save you from "boredom".

Malaysia Most Wanted Event will cover the following events:
  • Arts, Culture & Entertainment, perhaps a bit of orchestra, music or live performances to spice up your life a bit, and stretch our artistic cell slightly.
  • Conventions & Exhibitions, we all love freebies, booth babes, gadgets and spend a few hours looking to best bargains in town.
  • Festivals & Celebrations, its party time! Join the fun and prepare your DSLR camera!
  • Sales & Promotions, time to save money and spend more at the same time, ironic!
  • Sports, perhaps a little bit of marathon, triathlon, hiking, cycling, etc.
We have about 150++ events covered so far, and would continue to do much better. You could expect standard Malaysia Most Wanted Application such as those in MMW Food, including powerful search, easy browsing, user contributions and etc.

Check it out now :)

Search for Malaysia Property by Price

Malaysia Most Wanted Property & Real Estates supports Advance Search using various criteria such as project name, price, property type, land tenure, developer and location.

How to search by Price?

Price had a very flexible syntax. For example
  • 200K (or 200000), to search for property in the around the price of RM 200,000 (somewhere between RM 150-250K).
  • 100-200K (or 100 to 200 K), the price range of RM 100,000 – 200,000.
  • >200K (or more than 200K), to search for any properties priced from RM 200,000 and above.
  • <200k (or less than 200K), for any properties priced below RM 200,000.

Simple Search Syntax

The Price criteria could be used as part of the simple search syntax, just type in “price: 200K”. You could add in additional keywords as well, such as “Puchong price:200K”.

Search for Malaysia Property (Advance version)

Like others Malaysia Most Wanted application, we provide 3 ways to search for Malaysia Most Wanted Property & Real Estates.
  • Simple – Just type in any keywords to search for. (similar to Food search)
  • Advance – You could search by different criteria, such as project name, price, property type, land tenure, developer or location. (similar usage to Food advance search)
  • Google – a powerful search engine powered by Google. Just type in any keywords to search for.
Advance Search

This looks more complicated, but it is more powerful in helping you to narrow down on your search results. You could use any of the following criteria (remember to double quote the word for exact match):
  • Search For, where you can type in any keyword you would like to search for
  • Project Name, name of the property development project, like Koi Kinrara, Saujana Residency, etc
  • Price, allowing searching for property by price range using some simple but special syntax. For example, 100K, 100-200K, >100K, <200k>
  • Type, property type such as terrace link, condominium, bungalow, semi detached, shop, etc.
  • Land Tenure, such as Freehold, Leasehold or Malay Reserve Land.
  • Developer, name of the property developer such as Bukit Hitam, Sime UEP and etc. Beware that sometimes big developers like SP Setia or IOI used their sub companies as developers.
  • Location, type in any locations may it be state, area, street or taman.
As usual, we have automatic recommended word list support.

Malaysia Most Popular Property

It is quite hard to determine the quality of new property launches, though the location and developer would prove to be a useful hint.

Sometimes certain property had more buzz in it, may it be the effect of advertising, or the spreading of word of mouth. Though we still can’t tell you which property is a better buy, but you could let you know which property is more popular on a month by month basis (year by year, or all time most popular). In fact, we track how many people view or search for these properties using Google Analytics.

Here are the top 5 most popular property for the month of July 2008
  1. Ken Damansara 3, Condominium @ SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  2. Taman Impian Putra, Pamelia @ Taman Impian Putra, Bangi, Selangor
  3. Sri Putramas II, Royal Domain @ Sri Putramas II, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
  4. Avilla Apartments @ Puchong Jaya, Puchong, Selangor
  5. Kinrara Mas, Apartment @ Kinrara Mas, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Food & Restaurant Review: July 2008

The July 2008 Most Visited Food Venue (based on Google Analytics pageview), brought to you by Malaysia Most Wanted Food and Restaurants.

Malaysian sure are buffet and Japanese food lovers, where to top 2 spots easily go to:
  1. Shogun, Japanese Buffet @ One Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  2. Saisaki Japanese Buffet @ Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

Look Out Point still stays at a romantic and affordable place to have dinner with a nice KL City night view free of charge. Besides Look Out Point, people could opt for Gasoline or Bread and Olive at the same spot as well (recommended by fat_blob).

Jogoya still stays at 4th place, with the cool and beautiful Sky Bar at 6th, and the cheap and nice Yuen Buffet steamboat stay strong at 7th place. We have Tupai-Tupai for the traditional Malay food, Carl’s Jr for the big and expensive burgers and Malaysian favorite Mamak-styled Williams Mamak.

Others worth mentioning are Lemon Garden Café for Hi Tea Buffer, Hajime for a classy Japanese meal, Delicious Café for another expensive treat on western cuisine in Bangsar, and the affordable and homely Bon Bon’s café.

Some notable new comers include Noble House Imbi for some expensive Chinese dining, Matsuba or Rakuzen or Okuchi for a good Japanese meal, or Boat House the hidden Gem of TTDI for a good western meal, or check out Chef & Brew or Cameo Restaurant & Wine Bar for a expensive dinner treat.

For some nice yet affordable choices, we could go for
Yet another fruitful and delicious month, yummy!