Monday, August 04, 2008

Malaysia Most Wanted Event BETA launch!

Ever feel bored over the weekend and can’t figure what to do besides yum cha and watching movie? You are in luck, as Malaysia Most Wanted Event let you know of the happening events around Malaysia all year round, and save you from "boredom".

Malaysia Most Wanted Event will cover the following events:
  • Arts, Culture & Entertainment, perhaps a bit of orchestra, music or live performances to spice up your life a bit, and stretch our artistic cell slightly.
  • Conventions & Exhibitions, we all love freebies, booth babes, gadgets and spend a few hours looking to best bargains in town.
  • Festivals & Celebrations, its party time! Join the fun and prepare your DSLR camera!
  • Sales & Promotions, time to save money and spend more at the same time, ironic!
  • Sports, perhaps a little bit of marathon, triathlon, hiking, cycling, etc.
We have about 150++ events covered so far, and would continue to do much better. You could expect standard Malaysia Most Wanted Application such as those in MMW Food, including powerful search, easy browsing, user contributions and etc.

Check it out now :)

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