Monday, April 16, 2007

How to be a Professional Food Blogger?

Malaysia Most Wanted (MMW) Food had been operational for quite a while now, and we had been trying to archive as much food blogs as possible. At the same time, we face some problems with very delicious looking food posts but lack vital information such as location and name of the place.

Below is a simple guidelines on how to be a Professional Food Blogger, in our effort to help food lovers to search for tasty and yummy food around Malaysia.

  • A camera is a must, where it could be a digital camera or camera phone (at least 1 Megapixel).
  • Take a photo of the outlook or entrance or signboards of the venue
  • Take a photo of their business card or address
  • Take a photo of the content of their menu (don’t need to snap every page)
  • Take a few more photo of the delicious food you ordered, with a brief description of what is it
  • Write down the name of the place
  • Write down the full address (at least the area, like SS2) or direction to the place
  • If possible, get the business hour, price range, phone number, ambience
  • Write a delicious review (if the food sucks, let others know as well)
  • Let us know of their specialty
  • Rate them (1 star for lousy, 5 star for heavenly yummy)

  • Don’t review more than 1 venue in a single post (separate them into individual postings)
  • Don’t forget the name of the place and location (take a photo of the signboard or name card if possible) – a good food is useless if people can’t find them

Happy hunting and blogging!