Monday, August 04, 2008

Search for Malaysia Property (Advance version)

Like others Malaysia Most Wanted application, we provide 3 ways to search for Malaysia Most Wanted Property & Real Estates.
  • Simple – Just type in any keywords to search for. (similar to Food search)
  • Advance – You could search by different criteria, such as project name, price, property type, land tenure, developer or location. (similar usage to Food advance search)
  • Google – a powerful search engine powered by Google. Just type in any keywords to search for.
Advance Search

This looks more complicated, but it is more powerful in helping you to narrow down on your search results. You could use any of the following criteria (remember to double quote the word for exact match):
  • Search For, where you can type in any keyword you would like to search for
  • Project Name, name of the property development project, like Koi Kinrara, Saujana Residency, etc
  • Price, allowing searching for property by price range using some simple but special syntax. For example, 100K, 100-200K, >100K, <200k>
  • Type, property type such as terrace link, condominium, bungalow, semi detached, shop, etc.
  • Land Tenure, such as Freehold, Leasehold or Malay Reserve Land.
  • Developer, name of the property developer such as Bukit Hitam, Sime UEP and etc. Beware that sometimes big developers like SP Setia or IOI used their sub companies as developers.
  • Location, type in any locations may it be state, area, street or taman.
As usual, we have automatic recommended word list support.