Friday, January 04, 2008

Vote for Best Malaysia Food and Restaurant

The community is very important to help to rank which food venue is actually better, so that others can actually find and visit them as well. Out of the so many Chicken Rice outlets in Malaysia, we need to know which one is better (though I could tell you which one is more popular and most viewed).

If you are lazy or want to remain anonymous, you could rate the venue by clicking on the Stars at the top of the page. We offer a 0.5 star to 5 stars rating system. Just put your mouse over the star to indicate your rating, the click on it to rate. Generally, 3 stars means average; 5 stars means highly recommended; 1 star means don’t eat there.

You could vote through the review and comment system as well. Just click on the Review button and type in a review with the ratings (mandatory, must rate). The same goes with comment, except that rating is optional. I personally feel that voting through Review/Comment is actually better, where you could tell why the food sucks or why is it damn good :)

Hopefully this would help us to find the Real best food and hidden gems in town, rather than just the popular ones. Let’s start VOTING!

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