Monday, November 26, 2007

Google Map on Malaysia Food

One of the problem of good food is finding them (literally), especially when you are unfamiliar with neighborhood. On top of the usual address and directions, Malaysia Most Wanted Food is now integrated with Google Maps, which provide the actual road and highway name of Malaysia (and statelite images as well). Not all food venues have google map support at this moment, but we are working on getting as much coordinates as possible (or perhaps you could contribute some).

For example, you get the usual Map, Statelite or Hybrid (a cool combination of actual road Map and Statelite images).

Not only that, you get to view the map in full screen in order to get a better view, or export the map to Google Earth as your bookmark while tapping into the Google Map Community contributions. In fact, you can export food venues within 3km radius of your current selected venues.

Feel free to recommend us your favorite food spot, and give us your comment and feedback :)

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