Monday, April 17, 2006

Logo is Sweet

This is initial Logo for MMW Property. Malaysia Most Wanted (MMW) is the brand name, while Property is the product name. This design is simple and clear, but perhaps a bit too dull.

After 3 months into development, I believe it is time to design to a catchier logo. Thus came the classic Malaysia Most Wanted theme coupled with the colourful Property (inspired by Google style), and Mei Ru helps me to pick up the fonts. Kenny mentioned that MMW’s font seems a bit Matrix look alike, and I kinda agreed. He claims the entire design is too messy, which might be true. Wynn also commented the classic black and white MMW does not match the colourful Property. The reason for this is to create a sense of visual separation of the brand name from the product name. Making them same themed or almost same colour seems kinda messy, any good suggestion?

After some discussion with Kenny, I decide to shrink MMW and use a less complex font. I reduce the colour of Property to 3 colours only (the previous design had 3 colours too, but with a slight variation).

I am still not quite satisfied with this. Any more idea?


Anonymous said...

I would prefer the "PROPERTY" to not have so much variation in character size and color.

Anonymous said...

The text of the last logo looks clearer, but both font looks a bit "playful", something like "Toy R Us"..

Anonymous said...

Keep all the font and colour same for the whole thing(Malaysia Most Wanted PROPERTY)-> follow Malaysia Most Wanted font but with bigger size.

The MMW should be outstanding instead of the word PROPERTY. So, apply the 3 colours currently in PROPERTY into MMW(this 3 magic characters can be abit playful like PROPERTY FONT).

Branding... this makes ppl remember your MMW instead of concentrate on playful property. Just my opinion.. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

Property use one colour different from(maybe in purple) the (M)alaysia (M)ost (W)anted
So next time got new product use another colour. one product one 7 product mai use all raibow colour lur... heheh :D

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