Monday, April 17, 2006

Malaysia Most Wanted

"Malaysia Most Wanted will be an online service to provide the Most Wanted information in Malaysia, in a useful and easy to use manner"

Malaysia Most Wanted ( is Malaysia brand name for all about the most wanted things in Malaysia, from Property to Food to Travel. It is a collection of information and resources (blog, web site, forum, etc) of local contents which are archived with contributions from the community, and preferably following some Web 2.0 mantra in concept and design.

Malaysia Most Wanted will archive public internet resources, provide simple yet powerful searching, be community-focused, equipped with simplicity and usability in design. We strive for continuous innovation and pain solving. If we manage to solve your pain by providing what your desired, then we should be on the right track.

The 1st product launch for Malaysia Most Wanted shall be on Property. The BETA version shall be around the corner soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi D_Luaz,

最近看到了你的MMW, 概念非常棒, 而且MMW也讓我看到了你個人的才華, 我個很喜歡你的WWM的概念和整個網站~

如果可能的話, 不知道能不能和你取得聯絡!

小提一下, 我也是金迷~~