Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is Malaysia Most Wanted Food?

Malaysia Most Wanted is a restaurant review and social app for food (yet to be done), to help people to find good restaurants or share their gastronomic adventure with friends, by building a community of passionate foodie to share reviews, photos and videos.

You can
  • Search (find a specific restaurant or dish).
  • Discover (explore through location names, map, cuisine, top 10 listing; follow a food guide which suites your personal taste or select a place based it's delicious-looking photos).
  • Share (writing reviews about your favorite restaurants, or snapping photos of your highly recommended dishes, and create your personalized food guide).

270,000 people use Malaysia Most Wanted to discover makan (eating) places every month, with 8000+ restaurants listed complete with 85,000+ photo and 20,000+ reviews.

Happy Hunting with Malaysia Most Wanted Food


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