Thursday, November 17, 2011

Malaysia Most Wanted Food & Restaurants 2.0 GO LIVE!

After 5 years since the last release, months of hard work, we are determined to bring a new dawn of great food hunting experience to all the tham jiak Malaysian foodies. With Malaysia Most Wanted Food & Restaurants 2.0, promise better user experience: easier to search and discover our favorite food and restaurants for all kind of occasions.

What's New?

  • A complete revamp of the homepage, where there is a big search bar to start hunting (advance search for zooming on certain location or cuisines, or Google our site). You can discover restaurants by browsing by Locations, Cuisines and view our Best list.
  • We change the voting system from 5-star system to Facebook's like-system: no longer need to pull your hair to figure out is this place 3 stars or 4 stars, just thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • There is a new ranking system in place to show Top 10/50/100/500 in Malaysia, and for each state is well. Top 10 places in Kuala LumpurPenang, Melaka or Ipoh, anyone?
  • Mini Map: to show you what's nearby this restaurants; and show a list of "People who like this place also like ..."
As of today, we have 8311 restaurants listed with 333,516 visits per month; that's a lot of choices satisfying the desire of a lot of hungry folks.

What are you waiting for? Start HUNTING for FOOD!

PS: for all the foodies out there, thank you for making Malaysia Most Wanted the Top 100,000 websites in the world (Top 600 websites in Malaysia); without you, none of these would be possible. THANK YOU!

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Samantha Johnson said...

I checked using the same long back. Family trip at Port Dickson and having dinner here and order take away the curry chicken bun for super, woh very nice tasty !!! So the next day we order again 1 mixed bun which different flavor and again a curry chicken bun but we prefer curry chicken. The bread/bun was soft, and tender like Potato Bun match so well with the curry chicken. It's best eaten in hot-dip with curry sauce. 1st time tasted the bun made so good and the curry was just right not too spicy or oily. Quite expensive but very tasty, mix cost RM40, chicken RM 32. Will having again next trip.....

- Samantha my official website is here...