Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Save our Children's Education

Most of us know that our education system is “broken” (Even the US Education system is failing: Waiting for Superman), yet we are not sure of the better alternatives. Should we send our kids to Montessori School? Is International School really better? How about school for special kids? Is there transparency in the teaching methods and programs? How about project-based learning? Can we change the education paradigm (which doesn’t fit the needs and style of today’s children) according to Sir Ken Robinson’s analysis? All of us wanted a change, but we don’t know where to start.

I stumbled upon an article talking about DonorChoose, where teachers post small projects which they like to do with their students, and the public can choose to donate in any amount (minimum is USD 1) in their favorite projects and causes. There might be a class to form a music band, or teaching English to rural children. We can donate to projects in our hometown, or any topics which interest us or matter to us.

I think education is important, but it’s not functioning as I expect it to be. I wanted more open learning, where students are encourage taking on special projects and taking up more hobbies. I wanted them to start a rock band, kick start a small business, build a game, help the community, create arts, active in sports, etc.

Though I don’t have the education background (I did teach computer class to children for 4 years, where I felt my contribution and impact is extremely limited), but I believe there are people out there with more passion and capability than I am as a teacher.

I (or rather Malaysia Most Wanted) would like to contribute in terms of technological skills to develop something like DonorChoose, where we can get people passionate about education and start doing something about it. I can’t do this alone, as a great piece of software without passionate people driving it would be utterly useless.

If you have an idea, with passion and time to improve the education of children in Malaysia, and you need a collaboration platform (like DonorChoose) to spread your idea and gather support: contact us, as we would like to help.


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