Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Retiring MMW Map

MMW Map was built at a time where Google Map doesn’t have a map of Malaysia (only Satellite Images), finding places or POIs around Malaysia is difficult and we wanted to become like Wikimapia.

As times goes by, it had been difficult for us to handle the large volume of increasing and rapid changing POIs. Sad to say that we have limited resources in hand, thus it is difficult for us to bring MMW Map to the next level (it had been orphaned without supervision for quite a while now). We have plan to morph MMW Map into MMW Places, where we focus on specific POIs like Post Office, ATMs, Petrol Station so that we can keep track of useful things around us rather than keeping track of everything (which Google Maps seems to do a reasonably good job nowadays). Sadly, other projects have taken precedence.

Until further notice: Goodbye MMW Map, you had served well.

PS: we shall keep MMW Map in passive mode for a few months before taking it offline.

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