Monday, June 22, 2009

Malaysia Property Price Analysis

The original idea behind Malaysia Most Wanted is property analysis, where we shall provide the price trend so that you know which area is performing better. We start with listing of new properties followed by food to create awareness of the existence MMW, so that when we finally have the price trend, you can actually find it.

We try to secure some funding through this and this, but they claim the idea is either useless or can’t make any money. I do agree making money might be difficult (and I am giving away this information for free), but the idea of property price trend is far from useless. At the end, we have no choice but to self fund.

Today we finally took the first step to analyse the property price trend for Puchong area, where you could see the price and rental movement for the past 6 months. We categorise them nicely into location and property type (apartment, terrace, bungalow, etc) so that the estimation is slightly more accurate (though not perfect yet).

The prices shown here are asking price, meaning the price owner or agent ask for when they put up an advertisement for sale/rent (so it is not the actual transaction price, as such information is pricy and not open to public).

This is just the first baby step where we have more features in the pipeline. Not good enough? Don’t worry; we will come up with more data (covering more areas), integration of map, comparison charts and many more!

Stay tune to Malaysia’s one and only Property Price Analysis!


Anonymous said...

You are right, Cradle and MOSTI are full of dumb asses, my conclusion dealing with them is that they have no clue about "potentials"!

Jack Lim said...

Nice post. A very good to see property analysis. But you may go to this website to know the latest price about properties in Malaysia :

Unknown said...

Thanks :) Perhaps HomeGuru can do the home buyer a favors by doing property price analysis.

shaun said...

Thanks for including comments. Trends in bungalow design. Some bungalow designs have a space provided for so that the owner can decide to install a home lift later.

Shaun Kwong
Malaysia Home Elevator.