Sunday, November 23, 2008

Malaysia Most Wanted MAP is ALIVE!

After months of preparation and testing, Malaysia Most Wanted (MMW) is proud to launch Map of Malaysia, to help you reach the destination and understand the surrounding neighborhood.

How does it work?
We have an online map (using Google Map Technology) which shows proper street maps and satellite images of the area. We added in Placemark (small little meaningful icons to indicate the nature of the place) which label the surrounding buildings and area, such as Banks, Parks, Offices, Shopping Malls and etc to help you easily identify and understand the area. You could search for any address or name of places / buildings / business to find your desired map with its surrounding places clearly marked.

Why do I need it?
To help you find your away around unfamiliar places by showing the correct map with proper landmarks. Especially when I want to find a particular shop or attend an interview in unfamiliar address, or finding good food around Ipoh or places to travel in Penang.

To help you understand the neighborhood and surrounding area better, such as what are the public amenities around, or are there any hidden lake or places that I never noticed before. I might be considering of moving to Bandar Baru Klang, and I am interested to know how developed is the place and what shops are available within walking distance.

Why is certain map empty without any Placemark?
We are currently working on marking as much of Malaysia as possible, so quite a number of places are not fully covered yet. You could do you part by helping us to mark area you are familiar with, by clicking on “Add Placemark” at the left hand corner of the Map.

We hope Malaysia Most Wanted Map will make Malaysia more accessible and make finding places as easy as 123.

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