Friday, June 13, 2008

Keep Updated with the Latest Food Happening with RSS

What is RSS (or Atom)? It doesn’t really matter, just some techie term to say “I will keep you updated with the latest yummy food and restaurants around Malaysia. In fact, I will call you (or you can call me instead).”

How do I subscribe?
Look for this the RSS icon (it should be around the toolbar area if you are using IE7 or Firefox) and click on it, so that you can received daily feed of the latest posting.

You can also find it at each Venue page right under the Advertisement.

You need an RSS reader to subscribe, which you could choose to Firefox Live Bookmark (it will appear in your bookmark with daily updates), or use the web-based Google Reader or install the FeedReader on your computer. A guide on How to read RSS feed to confuse you even more :)

If all the above options and explanation is too confusing for you, just fill in the email subscription box (below the Advertisement at Venue page). We will send the latest update to you by email daily :)

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