Thursday, December 06, 2007

Enhance Malaysia Food Picture Viewer

Malaysia Most Wanted Food has thousands of food pictures contributed by food bloggers around the country. We need the images to make us salivate and feel very very hungry.

We have recently upgraded the image viewer to allow full screen viewing of the image (the picture preview used to be much smaller). Search for any of your favourite food venues page, look under the Image section and you sell see a lot of small little images to give a quick preview.

Click on any of the images to see a bigger image which gives you a clearer picture.

You can navigate to the next picture by clicking on the left portion of the image itself, where it would show a Next label. Click on it to see the next picture. You can see the previous picture by clicking on the left portion of the picture. You can also navigate between next and previous and hitting the left and right arrow key on your keyboard. If you feel lazy, you can click the Play button and enjoy a slideshow of all the subsequent pictures, starting from the current one. If you want to stop viewing the images, you could either click Stop or hit the ESC key.

Sometimes it doesn’t have any pictures under the images section, because no one had contributed any images yet. You could contribute some images by clicking the “Submit Image” button.

Feel free to join us and contribute toward the Malaysia Food Community :)

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