Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Malaysia Food Contribution System

Malaysia Most Wanted Food provide various way for you to contribute information about the yummylicious Malaysia food & restaurant, where you can recommend a place, write a review, drop a comment, provide a link, submit our own images, or be a food bloggers.

How does the contribution system work?
We allow users and non-users to contribute information. For those who Join as a user, you get:
  • A Personal Profile page with you name, description, website, avatar, plus all your contribution shown here
  • All your contributions shall be logged under your account, with a POP (Popularity) score to represent the current level of contribution
  • You don’t have to key in the annoying Captcha (Verification with Picture and Characters)

How to contribute?
Recommendation. If you know of a good place which MMW Food have not covered yet, feel free to recommend it to us (or view the list of recommendation). Just fill in the Name of the Place, Specialty, Location and Others information.

Information. Visit any food venue page and you shall see an orange color Contribute Info button (right under the maroon red information box). Use this to contribute information such as location/direction, specialty, contact number, business hour, etc.

Image. If you have photos/pictures of yummy food, you can upload them to the relevant food venue. Click on the Submit Image button and provide information such as Source Name, Image Title, URL (website address if available, as we shall provide a link back) and upload the image file.

Links. If you happen to stumble upon an interesting food article, or you wrote one, feel free to click on Submit Link.

Review. Click on Submit Review to write a short review of this place. You could rate this place at the same time.

Comment. If you would drop a line or post a question or just some ranting, you could click on Submit Comment. Review is a more serious evaluation of the venue, while Comment is more free and easy.

What if I am a Food Blogger?
We always believe MMW Food could not be the only place to review yummylicious food, and a lot of creative bloggers would very much like to create their own food kingdom as well. If you are a food blogger, drop us an email at info [at] malaysiamostwanted [dot] com, and we could arrange for a full archival of your food blog into MMW Food. It works something like how Google archive your blog so that other people could find it. We know how to respect your copyrighted content :)

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