Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MAPEX 2006 Property Listing

It is estimated last weekend’s MAPEX (National) at MVEC had over 200 properties offering, and we had managed to list half of it at MMW Property so far (will try to list the rest ASAP).

The properties showcase at last MAPEX (Selangor) on 7-9 July had been fully archived as well.

Properties fair isn’t like IT or Gift fair, where there is absolutely no goodies to be given away (except a paper bag from Ken Holdings Bhd) and not hot babes in skimpy dress (though they have pretty salesgirl). Generally it’s a serious business with not much of fun, with mostly property developers, one real estate agent, a property portal, a research house, and handful of bank and finance company and some government agencies to create some awareness campaign.

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