Friday, September 15, 2006

MAPEX 2006 (National Level)

Well it is time for the Malaysia Most Wanted team to strike the property fair to do some promotional and awareness campaign, and also to finished up all the free postcards we had printed and get tons of property information to share with you guys.

This is the 3rd property fair the team visited this year, looks like the local property scene is booming and in good shape. There are 276,508 property transactions in 2005, with 57,290 units of new launches (over 50% is sold) and 95,714 units completed (worth over RM 2.6 billions (Source: Property Market Report 2005).

MAPEX (National Level)
Date: 15-17th September (Fri-Sun)
Time: 11am to 9pm (I thought I saw 10am at the banner, but 11am should be a safer bet)
Venue: Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC)
Entrance is free, as usual.

There seems to be Mega Malaysia Property Showcase the following week at PWTC, but it should be in smaller scale (if it’s almost as the same as the one held in last June).

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