Thursday, March 04, 2010

Why restaurants should advertise with Malaysia Most Wanted Food?

Why restaurants should advertise with Malaysia Most Wanted Food?
  1. We are the No. 1 Online Food & Restaurant Guide in Malaysia in terms of web traffics (more than 100,000 visitors per month), as more and more people (especially the younger generation) is using the Internet to search for places to makan.
  2. We offer free and really affordable advertisement package for as low as RM 300 per year, as we understand the struggle of restaurant owners
  3. We offer real value for money, as every ringgit you spent could reach 360 potential customers in a month (much effective and environmental friendly than other means of advertising).
No Budget
If you do not have a budget, do feel free to use our free listing. Bear in mind you have to fight for customers' attention with another 5000++ restaurants, and some of them are already extremely popular. You can do more by providing delicious-looking photo and map, or promote you websites through any social media such as blogs, twitter or Facebook (it won’t be easy, but it’s FREE)

Tight Budget
If you have a really tight budget, you can advertise for RM 300 for a year (it can’t get any better than this) – the catch is this advertising slot/location will be shared among maximum of 50 ads (did I mentioned that the ad will appear on 95% of all our pages). I don’t think there are better deals out there with could offer similar traffics with such low price, though you can still check out Google AdWord which could cater for a flexible budget. Our package is definitely more value for money compared to fliers or magazine ad, besides longer advertising period (such as a year) have far better effects than short term ones.

Fixed Monthly Budget
It’s most effective if you have monthly advertising budget of at least RM 300, then you can get a much bigger and exclusive ad slot/location every month. This slot is offered on first come first serve basis, and there are only 2 permanent ad slot/location available at the moment (the other cost RM 600 per month with bigger size and a much attention grabbing location).


MMW Food & Restaurants offer web banner advertising at strategic locations at our websites. Do feel free to learn more on how you can advertise on the largest Online Food & Restaurant Guide in Malaysia with minimum cost.


chillone said...


i enjoy reading your food posts.

thanks for bringing back memories.


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