Friday, June 30, 2006

Google help you search property better

One of the biggest problems in looking for your ideal property is the searching part, find exactly what you need. Besides constantly tweak our search algorithm to provide you with the best search results, we bring in the master of all searches as well, Google Site Search. A Google Site Search bar is provided at the bottom of all Information Page as an alternative for easy searching.



As usual, we added a few more new property projects entry for the month of JUNE. We had setup MMW Advertising Program, providing free and paid advertising for property developers. You can email us any new property project information which we have not archived yet, and we will post it up for you for free.

Last but not least, we are working very hard to generate some statistical data about Malaysia Property Market (we are getting the help of PhDs for this purpose). Finally, the questions of "What is the value of my property?" could be answered in a statistical manner, providing a lot of interesting and useful analysis data to aid your buying decision.

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